Cardio tennis - prepare to have fun

Cardio Tennis helps to keep you fit and is much more fun and sociable than using exercise equipment in a gym.

Beginners can do Cardio Tennis too as it is suitable for all ages and standards of tennis players. Everyone can enjoy getting plenty of aerobic exercise while having fun in the fresh air. Have a free first session to try it out.

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We offer one-hour Cardio Tennis sessions at Cliff Park High School and Gorleston Tennis Club as follows:-

Mondays 7 - 8pm. at Gorleston Tennis Club

Sundays 10-11am. at Cliff Park High School

The Sunday sessions are particularly suitable for beginners as they includes tennis coaching with cardio tennis.

All sessions are 5 per person and open to non-members. Cardio Tennis is a great way to meet other tennis players and make new friends.

Call Mike on 07886 098953 or 01493 604062 for details or bookings,

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